Call US and Canada with no airtime charge from anywhere in the world !!!

Our technology has really brought things quite fast when it comes to telecommunications. Years ago we we’re just using huge analog phones for communicating with friends and relatives. Nowadays, even offices never use ’em anymore. They now have softphones or softwares that will enable calling from a computer. We also have different applications like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Line etc. Those applications uses data or wifi connection for you to be able to call, but the thing is, the person you will be calling should also have the same app that you are using except Skype coz I think they we’re able to create a custom number for a price.

Recently I just had this need to really be able to call US. Because right now, I have a part time job in oDesk which allows me to work at home and at the same time I also have a regular job as a call center agent. So my plan is to pursue my home based career, quit my call center job and make it full time in oDesk . The position that I wanted to apply to needs US calling so I searched and searched til I found this very awesome app called Groove IP Lite .


Here are the steps on getting this cool app:

1. On your cellphone just go to Google Play. Search and Install Groove IP Lite .

2. Open the app after installing it then select Sign Up.


groove 1a3. Fill up with the infos needed to complete signing up. Then click Register.

groove 2a

4.  Now it’s time to get your own chosen US number. You can choose your desired number by Location or         ZIP code or By Number or Area Code. I opted to By Location and I  typed Los Angeles, CA. Then click on Search.


groove 3a

5. The results will show and you can just click on your best pick. The number that you selected will be your     Groove IP number, and that’s the number that will be displayed on the caller ID of the person that you’re calling.


groove 4a


6. You can now start calling to any US and Canadian numbers , toll free numbers are included too! Reminder wifi or 3G/4G connection is needed to make calls but absolutely no airtime charge 🙂


groove 5a


This is a really incredible application because you can call to US and Canada from anywhere in the world. I am in the Philippines and I can call hassle free using this app over wifi. Tested it first on calling a toll free number and it went through as well as when I called a Florida number. I never paid a cent to get this, which is cool. You can toggle on the settings to adjust the volume of the microphone and speaker in audio profile if needed. I can save some dollars with this app and I really recommend it. Whether for personal or professional use, Groove IP is of great use.

Once again I do hope that this helps. If you have some feedbacks just throw your comments and questions down below 😉









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