Our Tagaytay Getaway

It was the last week of September when we decided to take a trip to Tagaytay. Just to simply exhale all of the stress that we’ve had for a couple of months without having a real vacation. Its me along with my 3 pabebe girlfriends as shown on the picture below.

(from left to right; Ayie,Jessica, Me & Gie)12034459_533519190138142_5236799266217116382_o

We departed from our office in Makati, we took a cab (Grab Car) and used a promo code that they had at that time. As far as I can remember it was 200 pesos off and the fare from our office to Coastal Bus Terminal was around 250. So yes we only paid 50 pesos. Thanks to Grab! You can also ride a bus to Coastal but we prefer to take the cab since it will be cheaper and it was already 3pm when we left. We then took the bus bound to Nasugbu since it’s route is through Olivarez (Tagaytay). The bus fare was 80 pesos per head.

(duckface pa more Jessica; having fun on the bus)11214198_533519113471483_7295225268871403405_n

We alighted at Olivarez crossing (yun ata tawag dun) and it was already dark, the time was around 7pm-ish. We sticked to our plan to hit Skyranch first so we took a jeepney ride (8 pesos) to the Amusement Park. It only took 3 minutes to get there and right after we arrived of course picture agad!

(our first groufie at Skyranch)11222279_533528096803918_3739060326068250790_o

(kanya kanyang selfie)12072792_533528800137181_2303676748699577009_n

It wasn’t a good idea to arrive so late coz we were not able to enjoy the scenic view. But then we went there to have fun so sinakyan namin ang lahat ng pwedeng sakyan. By the way, we bought a Metro Deal voucher from a friend worth 350 each per person and Ride-All-U-Can na yun.In fact, the promo is still available (click here). Take note, the 50 pesos entrance fee is not included. You will also need to present 1 valid ID if you will use the voucher.12059165_1133176100045338_1935235665_o

We still enjoyed the night and parang solo na namin ang lugar since walang masyadong tao dahil di pa peak season. Here are some snaps:

When we got tired we decided to fill our stomaches, there are restos inside the premises. They’ve got Leslie’s, Josephines, Kenny Rogers, Tokyo Tokyo and a lot more. We only stayed there for 2 hours then we went to Starbucks and have some drinks.


After our midnight coffee break we decided it’s time to finally take a good night sleep. We rented a small room just 5 minutes away from Starbucks. It was at Jade Rooms Transient House. We paid 1,200 for an overnight stay.  The room isn’t too cozy, the space is not too big nor too small. Just enough for the 4 of us. I don’t have a picture of the room coz all that we can think about when we got there was to sleep and lay our tired backs on the soft bed. We checked out at 7am and head to Leslie’s. Time for a hot and tasty Bulalo, Tagaytay’s best. The best Bulalo that I’ve ever had, masarap and malambot yung laman kaya for sure I’ll be back there.

the best bulalo in town
breakfast with my girls




photo ops



After our breakfast at Leslie’s we stopped at some pasalubong store then nag abang ng bus pabalik ng Manila. Super nag enjoy kami in our simple Tagaytay getaway though we didn’t have much time,  we still made sure that we will have fun in every moment we spent there. We were back to our daily routines but sure will be having more pabebe adventures.  Til my next blog !




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