Mt. Pico de Loro, My Mother Mountain


I have been a nature lover given that I was raised in the province. I use to play on top of the trees without a care if I fall or trip.  I was use to seeing the mountains on an everyday basis. But climbing it? Nah. Well, enough of the flashback stories. I’m about to write about my first official hiking experience and I’m proud to say that Mt. Pico de Loro is my Mother Mountain. It’s another term for First Mountain.

Just like any of us I am also a fan of social media. I spend 50% of my life on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. I was scrolling on Facebook when out of curiousity i typed “Backpackers” on the search box. Several groups popped up as results. I joined Campers and Backpackers and checked their posts. They have an upcoming climb to Mt. Pico de Loro at that time. I heard Pico de Loro before but it was the Cove below the mountain. Sounds inviting to me so I convinced my boyfriend to join. And we did. Along with my officemate and pabebe girlfriend Ayie.


We were joiners on that event so we shared the van (2 vans) with I think 22 others. The coordinators Kuya Franco, Kuya Paulo and Kuya Paul (and the rest of the gang) are very accomodating and made sure we felt comfortable within the whole journey. Reaching the jumpoff we did some warm up exercises and prayed for safety.

Group Picture at the JumpOff

We signed for registration and stuffs…. then off we go! The first part will be the flowing mini river with big rocks. Got my shoes wet right on. I felt so good, relaxed and strong within the first few minutes. Then there came the assaults. I have to keep my water handy coz I’m drinking in every 5 steps that I take. I’m so proud of myself coz I didn’t complain. Atleast I think I didn’t (LOL). I was amazed by the view of the forest and I stop once in a while to appreciate what’s around me.

We reached the campsite after an estimated 5 hours of trekking (that’s what i remember, maybe lesser). We rested for another hour and ate our packed lunch. Well, we actually missed to buy our lunch at the jumpoff so we just bought Pancit Canton at the campsite (Yes, at the campsite). Given that it was my first time to hike, I actually thought that the campsite was the summit haha. Anyway rest time over so we got ready to trek to the summit. And it was an unexpected assault. It takes 20-30 minutes to reach the summit and stepping on the highest ground of Mt. Pico de Loro was relief. I sat on the ground with my almost powerless body haha, so does my lovey. It was his first time too and I’m so proud of him for never complaining inspite of his age (LMAO, just kidding. Love you babe)

Also a part of Mt. Pico de Loro is the Monolith or also popularly known as “The Parrot’s Beak” because of its form. The three of us and also some of the joiners didn’t continue to the monolith. I was so exhausted at that time so we passed. But I promised to myself that I will be back for it. A revenge climb they say.

Monolith (Parrots Beak)

We stayed at the summit for about an hour then we head back down to the campsite.  Descending is much harder, mostly from the summit since there are no grasses and trees to grasp on. Our option was to slide down slowly. Looks funny but yes it was the safest option for us. We stayed at the campsite for another 30 minutes to gather with the group and pray before descending back down to the jump off. We reached the registration area at exactly 6pm. We washed up and prepared for our travel back to Manila. The travel hour was around 2-3 hours including traffic LOL.

Sliding down from the summit. Weeeeeeeehh

It was an unforgettable experience for us and we said to ourselves that it won’t be the last. Yes, our bodies ached for a day or two after that climb but it was the kind of pain that you will keep on wanting. And ofcourse it would have not been fun without my best buddies, Ayie and my babe. I hope I shared some good vibes to my readers too.  Thanks for your time. Til my next blog. Eden.




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